GC1 upgrade to v0.36

Please format sd at first before starting.

  1. 1, Download firmware v0.36 from the website page.
  2. To put the firmware into sd of GC1 via USB connection then restart device.
  3. Formating sd again and restart system

So then, cell phone select "airplane mode" and enable app"foxeye wifi pro" for connection.

  1. apps download:
    (Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foxeyewifipro)
    (iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/foxeye-wifi-pro/id1107516940?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8)
  2. video for upgrade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4drCe6s_iNM&feature=youtu.be

How to manually lock the files, so it is not erase

  1. Press and hold the record button for 3 seconds,
    please remembet to manually delete the locked files, since it will not be erased automatically

Why does it say connection unstable when connectin

  1. The 3G network must disconnected, since sometime the device will chose the 3G network over the Wi-Fi connection.
    Please choose the"airplane mode" for wifi connection, it's the best choice.

How long does it take to download files via Wi-Fi

  1. The download speed vary with different environment , the Wi-Fi transfer rate is about 1.x MB/sec.
  2. Test by Galaxy S4, 2 min. 1080P video file (207 MB) will take 3 min. and 25 sec. for downloading.
  3. Phone calling is available during downloading.

App and GC1 device operation

  1. Please refer to the download page for the manual.

How to format the GC1

  1. Turn on the GC1, it will enter recording mode
    press the record button to stop recording.
    press and hold down the record and Wi-Fi button for 10 seconds.
    the blue and red lights will start blinking
    when the blinking ends, the formatting is completed.

What is the waterproof rating of the GC1

  1. The main device, the power panel and the control panel is all up to IPX6 ratings,
    We test the product to IPX7 before delivering out of the factory.
    Any given rain, snow and even the strong water nozzle will not penetrate the GC1.

Why is the GC1's power light on, but cannot enter

  1. It may be too many locked up files inside the memory.
    Please save your desired files and format the memory.

How to download files from GC1

How to set the date/time on the GC1

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi.and connect to the GC1 using you device.
  2. Enter the settings in the Foxeye Wi-Fi app
  3. Click Date time setting to sync the time on the GC1 to your mobile device
  4. Your mobile device must be set to 24hr format.

WiFi mode download slowly

  1. Smartphone moved closer GC1, the closer the better